…About Sub City

Our mission is to connect bands, fans and the causes they are passionate about!

It’s our belief at Sub City that bands and their music fans aren’t just being lazy and avoiding real life issues and avoiding getting a real job, they are out changing the world by taking action.

Many people’s misconception about our new generation will quickly change when they learn about the music community and all the bands and their fans who are changing the world. We strive to support and put the spotlight on these efforts. In 1999 we at Hopeless Records got the crazy idea that if we gave bands and their fans the opportunity to connect their talent and passion with causes that were important to them that we could make a positive impact through music. In our first ten years, the Sub City concept has already raised more than 2 million dollars donated to over 50 non-profit organizations. Our signature event each year is the Take Action tour where we bring bands together for a nationwide tour, compilation release and other off site events. Over the years the artists have shed the light on important issues like depression, suicide prevention, volunteerism and cancer. Take Action has begun to highlight individual young people and their world changing efforts to illustrate how we can all make a difference regardless of our age, socio economic status, physical ability or any other factor. Albert Einstein said “The significant problems we have cannot be solved at the same level of thinking with which we created them”…

Recent Recognitions

Hopeless Records and our non-profit Sub City have also recently been recognized for our philanthropic work by:

The 110 US Congress, National Association of Recording Merchandisers (NARM), Hot Topic Foundation, California Senate, Los Angeles City council, Billboard Magazine, Alternative Press, Business Week and The Los Angeles Times amongst many more.


Sub City releases & benefiting charities, Together raising over 2 million dollars!!