All Time Low MTV Unplugged Set To Release in 2010!

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This past summer, Baltimore pop-punk band All Time Low stripped down their songs to just an essential heart beat, exclusively for MTV Unplugged. The bands performance was shot in New York City, and had the band take their high-energy performance down a notch in the candle-lit studio for some very fortunate fans who intently sung along.

Now’s your chance to get a copy all to yourself. All Time Low’s “MTV Unplugged” audio version is available for streaming preview today, exclusively through Rhapsody. You can also pre-order “MTV Unplugged” the physical version, including the audio on CD and the performance, bonus bloopers, and exclusive interview on DVD, exclusively at Make sure to pre-order soon, the first 200 will receive a signed Unplugged poster!

All Time Low plays two new songs off their latest album Nothing Personal, “Damned If I Do Ya, Damned If I Don’t” and “Weightless”. Also don’t miss live performances from their previous releases “So Wrong ,It’s Right” and “Put Up Or Shut Up” including “Dear Maria, Count Me In,” “Coffee Shop Soundtrack,” “Jasey Rae” and a surprise duet with Kate Voegele on “Remembering Sunday.”

Stream the audio version of MTV Unplugged exclusively at Rhapsody:
Pre-order the physical version of MTV UNplugged, CD & DVD exclusively at Hopeless Records:

All Time Low’s “MTV Unplugged”
1. Damned If I Do Ya (Damned If I Don’t)
2. Coffee Shop Soundtrack
3. Remembering Sunday
4. Jasey Rae
5. Weightless
6. Dear Maria, Count Me In
7. Outtakes
8. MTV Unplugged Interview

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  • Jessica

    Yes I will definitely be pre-ordering this! I love me some All Time Low!

  • itsVKEE

    ehhh..I’m not too excited about it. even if alex is the epitome of gorgeous- i’m not too excited. there was a leak somewhere on the internet and people are saying that it’s not that good. I’ll wait and see how it turns out.
    I wanna konw what these Outtakes and Interview are.. T.T

  • Lillian

    I’ve already seen this because it was on tv a while back and I recorded it. I love all time low and i thought that their performance sounded amazing. Not to mention they’re all incredibly gorgeous, especially jack :)

  • Ingrid

    It’s very good, ATL, come here in Curitiba – Brazil…. please…

  • Geoff


  • ma

    somebody knows how many days this are in your home ? or just arrives in the january 12th ?

  • Steph

    is this the video that Jack was video taping when he passed by in the beggening of concerts ? :D

  • http://jorgee jorgee

    qe chidaa
    qe visiitenn mexicoo

  • Natalie Marie

    I love all time low, so I defenetly want the cd or DVD whatever

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