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Anthony Raneri
Nick Ghanbarian
Jack O’Shea
Chris Guglielmo

Bayside was formed in the winter of 2000 in Queens, NY. Since their inception, they have released five full- length albums and have sold over a quarter of a million records worldwide. The band is currently composed of lead singer/ guitarist Anthony Raneri, guitarist Jack O’Shea, bassist Nick Ghanbarian and drummer Chris Guglielmo.

Raneri explains, “In our 13 years as a band we have released records through a bunch of labels and different situations. When we were looking for a label this time around, we really set out to find a label that could be our last label. We wanted to be somewhere that was actually emotionally invested in their bands no matter what the bands potential or situation was. Hopeless really had the family vibe that we were looking for. We have already had friends on the label and we hit it off with the staff on a personal level immediately. It is nice to have a label that feels like a member of your team instead of a third party.”

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