Divided By Friday

// Band
Jose Villanueva // Vocals, Guitar
Matt Morgan // Guitar, Vocals
Al German // Drums

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Musicians can learn any number of things, but you can’t teach soul. You either have it or you don’t. For Divided By Friday, soul is where they came from: a spirit and embedded emotion that permeates every second of Modern Memoirs, the group’s new Hopeless Records EP.

Mixing the timeless sentiment of old-school acts like Frank Sinatra with the innovation of contemporary chart-toppers like OneRepublic and Justin Timberlake, Modern Memoirs was guided by acclaimed production team Zack Odom and Kenneth Mount (All Time Low, Cartel, Jimmy Eat World). The EP marks a gigantic leap forward for the trio; in the past, Divided By Friday had a tendency to bury their pop sensibilities under walls of hard-charged guitar riffs and ferocious drumming. This time around though, there’s more focus on the song, the performances, the truly magical moments when a lyric and melody combine to make you feel something deep down. You’ll hear the soul and raw emotion all over Modern Memoirs—from the record-opening “You Fooled Me,” which boasts a tried-and-true gospel choir, through the soaring string swells and impassioned yearning of “Longer Than Forever.”

The group’s new sound should endear them to an even broader fan base. The band now have the polish and poise to hang with more mainstream acts, but coming up as rock musicians gives Divided By Friday an edge and different way of approaching what many consider a stale genre. For the band, this exploration into uncharted territories means they’ve effectively thrown out the rule book on what Divided By Friday should sound like, giving them the confidence and drive to keep one-upping themselves.