Damion Suomi – Needs A Little Water

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Damion Suomi has just released EVERYWHERE, an ep called “Needs A Little Water” which has three new songs. Of course we are gonna say that’s it’s the best stuff he has written and recorded, and it is! I am so proud that Damion let us be part of it.

“The wonderful thing about Damion Suomi’s latest three-track EP isn’t so much the tiny glimmer of the songs themselves, but the brilliant statement they make together. Like a worn leather psalter that fits in the palm, Needs A Little Water is meant to be shared, studied, and sung, and Suomi offers it warmly as balm for the struggling soul. The martial, Guthrie-esque “Mustard Seed” delivers its gospel of individual ascendance with the urgency of a revivalist hymn, and “Burn The Pain” soars upward to swing from the tabernacle rafters. Closing parable “Lion, Ram, Fish” beckons the congregation outside to worship under the stars and then down the rutted road to home. And while each stands on its own as a rich chapter, it’s when joined by their brothers that their message becomes clear: that within our flaws lie the keys to salvation. Both timely and timeless, the pithy Needs A Little Water holds all that’s best about Suomi’s music: soulful, palpable playing, finely wrought imagery, and the sense of having met a rare, kindred spirit. It’s a feeling that lingers long after the album ends, and one you’ll want to experience again and again.”

*Tobin Benneson review of Damion Suomi “Needs A Little Water”.

We also have a very special LIMITED edition screen printed poster for sale.

* For $25.00 you get.
* 1. Limited edition 18X24 silk screened poster – designed by Brian Manley (only 50 made)
* 2. MP3’s of Damion Suomi “Self-Titled” LP
* 3. MP3’s of Damion Suomi “Needs A Little Water” EP
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You can purchase the EP on

* Itunes ($1.99)
* Amazon ($1.98)
* Panda ($2.00)

One last thing – Damion is on tour with Andy Zipf and his friend Lauris Vidal.

* 12/2 Arlington VA @ Arlington Cinema & Draught House
* 12/3 Carrboro NC @ The Station
* 12/4 Charlottesville VA @ Eunioua
* 12/5 Lexington SC @ The Watershed
* 12/7 Athens GA @ The Melting Point
* 12/8 Greer SC @ The Bird & The Baby
* 12/9 Asheville NC @ BoBo Gallery
* 12/11 Nashville TN @ The Long December (House Show)
* 12/12 Chattanooga TN @ The Glen House Concert
* 12/13-12/16 TBA
* 12/18 St. Petersburg FL @ The Globe Coffee Lounge

BTW – did you see that youtube video Damion put up with him and his buddy David Fountain rocking “Just Like Heaven” by The Cure? It’s amazing and can be seen here.

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