Divided By Friday Joins the Hopeless Family!

Hopeless — By HopelessMelissa on November 16, 2010


Divided By Friday, the four-piece rock band from Laurinburg, NC, has joined the Hopeless Records family! Made up of lead vocalist and guitarist Jose Villanueva, guitarist and vocalist Matt Morgan, drummer Al German, and bassist Drew Howard, this quartet is already armed with a four-track EP, The Constant, available now for download.

“It’s really been a dream come true for us to sign with Hopeless Records. They’re the perfect fit for us and we’re so stoked about our future together. We’ve always been such huge fans of all the bands on the Hopeless roster, so it’s very surreal for us to be joining such an amazing and talented family.”

Download The Constant here:
The Constant
1. Disappoint: Surprise
2. Make It Out
3. Nothing Like Today
4. Hello, Again

Pre-order the physical version of The Constant, now exclusively at!:

Check out Disappoint: Surprise from the new EP, The Constant

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  • Nilla Childs

    This band rocks!

  • Levi

    Never heard of these guys but, I’m sure they’ll offer a lot to Hopeless and to fans of Hopeless. Hopefully, we won’t be let down.

  • brandy

    i love these guys. they are AMAZING!
    really nice, and just great :)
    and their music is awesome, go check it out if you haven’t already! :)

  • Hopeless Records Signs Divided By Friday | The Sound Alarm

    [...] Hopeless Records has signed Laurinburg, NC four-piece rock band Divided By Friday. The quartet’s new four-track EP, The Constant, is available now for download. You can also pre-order the physical version of The Constant exclusively at The band’s music video for “Disappoint: Surprise” is available for viewing on YouTube. [...]

  • I know the truth about this band

    this band is nothing but the product of kids with rich mommies and daddies. Unfortunately they are terrible live. This is a sad day for music.

  • Ryan Haines

    Its about time they got signed!

  • You know the truth about this band?

    Have you seen this band live in the past year? They are amazing. I saw them a few days ago and they blew my mind. Everything was spot on. You sound like a jealous townie to me.

  • Brandie

    For the hater that said “these are the product of kids w/rich mommies and daddies” ur a freakin retard! the lead singer of this band is my 1st cousin and has had a very hard life, you don’t know shit so stop acting like u do. Try hard, relentless work for several years and struggling parents trying to make their dreams come true! Are you u upset bc u didnt make it? Get a life!

  • Chi Chi

    This band is awesome. They have a great sound…. just leave me wanting to hear more!

  • itsAllyyyy

    I absolutely love Divided By Friday! (: I saw them live on November 14th, and they are amazing! Jose, Matt, Drew, and Al are all pretty chill dudes, and they’re super nice. I’m glad they are now part of the Hopeless family! They’re going to go farrrr!

  • Michaela

    I am SOOOOO glad that DBF signed with you guys.
    I’ve been in love with this band for a longgg time now.
    And I’m happy because now more people will hear them and maybe I’ll get to see them on tour <3

  • dawn

    Best band ever! I haven’t seen or heard talent like this in a long time. Great job you guys you deserve this! You are amazing ROCK ON!! Smart move Hopeless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Carole Hickman

    This band is awesome. They have a great sound…. just leave me wanting to hear more!

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