Hopeless Records Announces Release Of Another Hopeless Summer

Featured — By HopelessNatalie on June 7, 2011

Hopeless Records is excited to announce the release of “Another Hopeless Summer” a summer compilation filled with exclusives from All Time Low, We Are The In Crowd, Samiam and The Wonder Years. You can pick up your copy on the 2011 Vans Warped Tour for $1.00 or digitally on iTunes for 2.99!

We are also giving away Warped Tour Tickets!  Two for each date on the tour! Fans have a chance to win simply by joining the Hopeless Records email list. Enter here!

Track Listing:

1.       All Time Low- “I Feel Like Dancin’” Acoustic

2.       We Are The In Crowd-“Lights Out” Acoustic

3.       Yellowcard- “For You And Your Denial”

4.       There For Tomorrow- “Hunt Hunt Hunt”

5.       Silverstein- “Burning Hearts”

6.       The Wonder Years -“Don’t Let Me Cave In”

7.       The Dangerous Summer- “Work In Progress”

8.       Samiam- “80 West”

9.       Anarbor- “Fast, Cheap, And Out Of Control

10.    Divided By Friday- “Lost In Limbo”

11.    We Are The In Crowd-“Both Sides Of The Story”

12.    Damion Suomi & The Minor Prophets- “A Dog From Hell (And His Good Advice)” [Alternate Version]

13.    The Wonder Years- “Woke Up Older” Acoustic

14.    Silverstein- “Replace You” Acoustic

15.  There For Tomorrow-“Nowhere BLVD.” Akoustik

16. For The Foxes- “Hold Your Breath” Acoustic

The Wonder Years, The Dangerous Summer and There For Tomorrow have all been confirmed to perform the entire Warped Tour! Be sure to check them out and come say hello at the Hopeless Records tent to pick up merch from your favorite Hopeless artists.

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