Hopeless Records Announces Release Of Upcoming Samiam Record!

Featured — By HopelessNatalie on May 11, 2011

We are excited to announce that Samiam has been busy in Green Day’s studio, Jingletown with producer Chris Dugan recording their 8th studio album which will be released via Hopeless Records later this year.  The band is also gearing up to perfom at KrazyFest later this month in Louisville, KY.

“I’m really happy to say that the band got together as a unit and came up with something we are all proud of. Thanks in no small part to our studio benefactors (Chris, Alex, Lee, Green Day). This record sounds amazing and I think we wrote some great songs and perhaps most importantly, we didn’t argue or nurse our hard-feelings while making it. It was like it should be: fun.”- Sergie Loobkoff

Hailing from Berkeley, CA. Samiam was first signed to Hopeless in 2000 who released the albums “Astray” and “Whatever’s Got You Down” and has toured with bands acts such as Bad Religion, Hot Water Music, Millencolin and Blink-182.  Launching from the same late ‘80s do-it-yourself punk circles that spawned bands like Green Day,  Samiam’s distinctive blend of melodic phrases atop a hardcore foundation found the band standing out from the typical fare of the time.

More details to come!

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