Hopeless Records First Signing, Funeral Oration Tragically Lose Two Members

Bands — By HopelessMelissa on September 10, 2008

Amidst the numerous rumors circulating online about Netherlands’ Funeral Oration, we’ve officially confirmed the passing of members Erik Jansen and Peter Zirschky. Former guitarist Hayo Buunk provides further insight on the tragic losses.

“On April 17th, 2008 Erik Jansen former drummer for Funeral Oration passed away after a tragic accident. Trying to reach his friends we found out that Peter Zirschky, Funeral Oration’s singer/songwriter had passed away by accident 4 or 5 years previous.

The remaining members of Funeral Oration, William, Hayo, Barend, Tos, Ferry, Vinnie and Menno will never play with a unique band like this again and we will miss our mates.
We want to thank everybody who has ever been involved with Funeral Oration.”
– Hayo Buunk, former Funeral Oration guitarist

“We at Hopeless/Sub City send our sincere condolences to Peter and Erik’s families, friends and band mates. Peter and Erik were special people who were part of a special band. An unlikely first official signing for a Los Angeles punk label, Funeral Oration played a unique and significant part of our company history. The band went on to release three studio albums and a discography on Hopeless as well as their only 3 US tours. We will always remember all the great memories and music. Peter and Erik will be deeply missed.”
– Louis Posen, Hopeless Records founder & president

Melodic punk band Funeral Oration formed in 1983 after singer Peter Zirschky placed an ad in a local Dutch punk magazine searching for a bass player. After several self-released 7” and 12”’s in the Netherlands, Hopeless Records founder, Louis Posen, approached the band. Funeral Oration became the first official signing for then emerging Hopeless Records. The band released their first self-titled album on the label in 1995, with two more studio albums to follow, Believer and Survival. Funeral Oration then rounded out their career with Discography, a double disc release that included rare, unreleased, live, and studio tracks.

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  • http://NA Mike

    Hey I was a big Funeral Oration fan in the late 90’s and was lucky to get to see them when they came to Denver and played the Raven. I have their ST album but never knew they came out with anything else. Are the albums Believer, and Survival still available?

  • Allfranz

    Hardcore Forever Funeral Oration

    Rip Peter and Erik

  • Rikyhn

    A GREAT band. My condolences. Wishing them a great time in hardcore heaven…

  • Riemann Zeta

    Almost cried when I heard this.
    “Shadowland” & “Communion” remain amongst my all time favourite records.
    Met Peter briefly in Amsterdam & he was a lovely guy.

  • Mrkunio

    It’s so sad to hear about all this. I love Funeral Oration Peter and Erik will be deeply missed.

  • leaving

    when I’m home and close the door ,wanna hear this song once more.. this song is about my life and it make me feel alright

  • Jake

    Does anyone know the cause of death?

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