Hopeless Records & Sub City Non-Profit Receive Outstanding Achievement Community Award

Bands — By HopelessMelissa on June 26, 2009

Hopeless Records and their non-profit organization Sub City were recently recognized at NARM’s Outstanding Achievement awards held at this year’s annual NARM convention in San Diego. This award follows up Hopeless Records’ receipt of NARM’s Small Entertainment Software Supplier of The Year Award at last year’s convention.

The 1st Annual NARM Outstanding Achievement Awards were created to recognize the new and creative ways member companies are doing business and advancing the industry while acknowledging members’ efforts to be more responsible to the greater community at large. Awards were given in the categories of Business Innovation, Marketing, Packaging, Collaboration, Green and Community.

The Community award, which Hopeless/Sub City shared with Rhino Records, is given to a NARM member company that demonstrates exceptional support of or participation in charitable, philanthropic or other non-profit organizations. Hopeless & Sub City were honored for nearly 10 years of supporting non profit organizations with charitable albums, tours, and events, through which Hopeless & Sub City have raised over 1.8 million dollars for deserving causes. Sub City recently received federal 501c3 non-profit certification and plans on continuing their efforts in raising funds and awareness for charity.

Louis Posen, Founder of Hopeless Records and the Executive Director of Sub City had this to say about the award:

“You don’t have to be Microsoft to make a difference. Martin Luther King said ‘greatness is defined by serving others…and what is so wonderful about this definition is that everyone can be great.’ We at Hopeless/Sub City believe we all have talents, skills and resources  to share with others in order to better our selves and better our shared world. Although it is nice to be recognized with the NARM 2009 Community Award, we understand that the 1.8 million dollars and unmeasurable awareness raised for important charitable causes through the Sub City efforts was not accomplished alone. Our NARM friends and partner companies in retail and distribution  have played a significant role in the achievements to date. We would like to share this award with all those who work with us to make a positive impact.”
About Hopeless/Sub City: Founded in 1993, Hopeless Records is a Southern California independent record label who has released over 150 albums including launching the careers of Avenged Sevenfold, Thrice, and many others and is the current home to breakout artists All Time Low, There For Tomorrow, Anarbor, and The Human Abstract amongst many others.  In 1999 Hopeless Records formally started supporting non-profit organizations under the Sub City name with charitable albums, tours, and events. Now itself a registered 501c3 non profit organization, Sub City continues the mission of combining music and charity by raising funds and awareness for worthy causes. To date, Sub City has raised over 1.8 million dollars for over 50 non-profit organizations and has been recognized by the 110th US Congress and the Los Angeles City Council, among others for its contributions to its community. (, Sub

About NARM: NARM is an industry trade association, is comprised of music wholesalers and retailers, online and mobile music delivery companies, record labels, multimedia suppliers and technology companies among others. (

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