Our prayers are with Jimmy & A7X

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“It’s a very sad day at Hopeless. Our hearts, thoughts and prayers go out to Jimmy’s family, friends and fans. A talented and special person, Jimmy’s music and our experiences with him will last for ever. In our grief, we honor and are blessed to have shared a slice of life with him.

Jimmy, we love you and will deeply miss you…

with sadness and affection,
The Hopeless Family

Visit the bands official website for more information and to share your thoughts and memories of Jimmy.

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  • Pitzu

    Addio Jimmy!

  • Flash.exe


  • Stefany

    R.I.P James, A7x will never die !

  • aaron

    jimmy, you left the world with great beats and great music. you’ll never be forgotten. R.I.P and may you still rock up in heaven

  • http://none Chris Ahern

    Fuck… Its only now i can write to you guy’s hav’nt known what to say to be honest. I only found i should after listening to every sing song like 3 times yesterday, the headphones didnt come off. First off guys im sorry real sorry its clearly been a tough few weeks for every Avenged Sevenfold Fan i know i was devistat…ed when i heard the news about Jimmy so i cant even imagine how you guys feel, my heart reaches out to you guys and the Sullivan family, by the way im Irish so “Conas atá tu?”(How are you?) I know how much the Rev loved playing here and getting the flags haha. I know you guys get these messages alot and I know you guys read each and every one because your so loyal to everyone, we really appreciate it. I remember sitting in my house with a buddy of mine watchin videos of you guys and watching “all exess” and just laughing at the things the Rev says for two reasons number one, I dont think theres any other rockstar that is also the funnyest man in the world! The other reason is, the Rev is my buddys biggest idol i mean he loves every thing the Rev has ever done also he acts like the rev he’s just a dude that can get you in a happy mood with any situation,also his name is Owen and the rev’s middle name is, you have no idea how proud of that he is! Thats pretty much the reason the news hit me so hard.
    You guys get me through every obstacle in my life because i can relate to everything you say, Your the soundtrack to my life (sure that might sound cheesy but its the truth and i mean it!) On the day i found out first thing i did was grab each album hop in a friends car pump up the volume and started the day with “To end the rapture” and ended on “Dear god” and just remembered each quote we ever heard from the man. Its unfortunate i only saw you guys once Metallica 09 Marley park Dublin, and it was the happiest moment of my life hearing my friend scream “Its the Fuckin’ Rev!” while he walked out. Our hearts Fuckin’ jumped! That exitement lasted for so long.
    You get this all the time so I wont say im your number one fan because everyone says that but im up there im atleast even with “number one”, Huge fan basically haha.
    Upset to think i only saw you once but at least i had the chance.

    Shadows-Your a genious sorry about whats happened you are the greatest vocalist ive ever heard.

    Syn/Zacky(mesage to both)- People have probably said this a thousand milion times before but, You are the reason i play guitar, The harmonys, the solos, the chords, you put them together its makes you the greatest duo ive seen and ever will.

    Johnny- Mad skills man craziest bass player ever tell the guys to turn you up on the albums!haha

    last but not least:
    The Rev- Man im gonna miss you, sure i didnt know you but it felt like i did, we know you started a band up there, you on drums, Cliff on bass, Dime on guitar and our very own Phil Lynott on vocals, Man thats a band. Rest in peace man, and thanks.

    To everyone else we lost a hero but gained a guardian angel watching our backs now and forever, Dont forget that you guys. Dont!

    from Chris Ahern,17,Ireland.

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