The Human Abstract release sophomore album, Midheaven

Bands — By HopelessMelissa on August 19, 2008

The Human Abstract have just released their new album Midheaven.  The album is currently streaming in it’s entirety at My  front page as well as at  Midheaven has been wowing critics including Metal Edge who just ran a feature on the band at popular metal forum Metal which proclaimed  it “easily, one of the best albums I’ve heard all summer, a fantastic blast of fresh air to clear away the August doldrums.”  The album is an ambitious concept following an entire cycle of man from creation to it’s downfall.  Just as epic as the storyline, The Human Abstract plays a style of metal with fluid and fiery guitar lines and huge sounding melodic vocals that anchored the classic metal approach of bands like Metallica and Queensryche with the prog-rock songwriting that catapulted bands like Pink Floyd, Tool, Muse and Porcupine Tree and a modern metal-core twist.  The Human Abstract have just wrapped up a summer on the Warped Tour and are gearing up for a big fall supporting Trivium, All That Remains and 36 Crazy Fists starting September 9th.  Following that the band will be special guests on Dir En Gray’s November U.S. Tour.

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