The KickDrums Announce Upcoming Album “Thinking Out Loud”, Pre-Order Now

Featured — By HopelessNatalie on August 27, 2013

Hopeless Records is excited to announce the upcoming full-length album Thinking Out Loud from their newest signees The KickDrums! The album is due out October 8th and is now available for digital and physical pre-order!

Track Listing:

1. Atonement

2. Brave Radar

3. Fake Guns

4. Can’t Hide Love

5. Fool Killer

6. I Know

7. Moving Sidewalks

8. Thinking Out Loud

9. Echoes

10. Run Through It All

Digital Bonus Track:

11. Eclipse

Pre-order on iTunes:

Pre-order physical:

The band recently released their “Still Logic” EP and a music video for the song “Thinking Out Loud”. View it here:

Listen to the song “Atonement” here:

Based in Brooklyn, NY, The KickDrums are led by singer, songwriter and producer Alex Fitts. Fitts began his career in Cleveland, Ohio producing hip hop tracks for local artist and quickly built a reputation as a “go to” producer for emerging talent.  His knack for blending hip-hop and alt rock scored him production placements with artists such as Kid Cudi, 50 Cent, Kanye West and Slaughterhouse.

The KickDrums have been well known amongst the blog elite for the release of cross-genre mixtapes that not only showed how in tune they are to emerging music but also showcased the future of their sound.  They have grown into a distinctive sound and earned their space in the upper echelon of musicians dedicated to pushing creative boundaries.

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