Welcome For The Foxes to the Hopeless Family!

Hopeless — By HopelessMelissa on September 28, 2010

For The Foxes, the three-piece pop-rock band from Barnegat, NJ, has joined the Hopeless Records family! Made up of Nick Dungo on vocals and keys, guitarist Jimmy Brindley, and drummer Danny Vassallo, this trio is ready to share their honest, emotional pop-rock songs with the masses.

“We are beyond excited to be working with Hopeless Records. We grew up listening to their bands and have always been a huge fan of their label. It’s unreal for us to be a part of their family and we look forward to doing big things together.”

The band is already armed with a new song, “Where The Heartache Is” out today and a tour with Valencia and Automatic Loveletter starting later this week.

“Where The Heartache Is” is now available for download:

For The Foxes Tour Dates
[w/ Valencia, Automatic Loveletter]
10/02/2010 Baltimore, MD – Ottobar
10/03/2010 Richmond, VA – The Canal Club
10/05/2010 Orlando, FL – Backbooth
10/06/2010 Tampa, FL – The Orpheum
10/07/2010 Gainesville, FL – 1982 Bar
10/09/2010 San Antonio, TX – White Rabbit
10/10/2010 Dallas, TX – The Loft
10/12/2010 Mesa, AZ – The Nile Underground

More from For The Foxes:

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  • leann

    this band is a disgrace to the new jersey music scene. someone should call up disney and tell them their next big act is here. this is a rip off of the jonas brothers and every other cliche pop band and pop lyric ever written.

  • Ashley-jane! Sargent

    soooo stoked for you guys!!! very worthy of being on this label :) we’ll have to do a follow up interview soon!

  • Tyler James

    Leann you are a disgrace. Does your opinion even matter. You are probably one of those fat insecure bitches that make themselves feel better by talking down on other people, and bands. Apparently these guys are all very talented and hard working. Aren’t we on hopeless records right now? I guess your ignorance comes from jealousy. Why don’t you stop being cliche like all these other critics online, and learn some respect. Who takes the time to go onto a website just to hate on a single band. You say a disgrace to New Jersey music when they actually made it. We should support them being that they are representing us. Plus they will laugh all the way to the bank. You either love them or love to hate them. This goes to everyone hating you’re all jealous, and keep the attention flowing it only helps.

  • Larry


  • No Sorry

    No, I’m sorry. I personally went to high school with these kids and I know them and what they are about. Southern Regional High School. I know that these kids are absolute fakers. They go with what’s popular at the moment. They just wanted to be popular so bad and do not deserve it in any way. Does anyone remember about 5 years ago when that screaming whiny hardcore/emo crap was all popular with the kids who wore girl pants? Well, they were in a band that played exactly that and they sucked then too. This band really is a disgrace to New Jersey’s music scene because there is actually hard working bands that blow this trendy crap out of the world any day of the week. Not this baby disney channel garbage. This won’t last long. It’s just a fad. A terrible fad.

  • Neil

    Yeah, wow. people actually like this band? terrible/trendy is right! why ever would you sign this Hopeless? trying to make money huh? I don’t think this is the way to go. try putting out something that will be remembered, this simply won’t be, its already stale. it’s trash. i can’t listen to phony stuff and this is extremely phony and i’m not believing them for one second.

  • Tiger

    my homie said check dis band out bcuz his boys r in dis band. not liken it bro, i gave it shot ya know. to much like jonas bros or sum shit. i aint like it. kinda gay lol

  • Doooooode

    Doode this “band” is lame. isn’t a BAND supposed to ROCK? I too went to SRHS with these guys, they were in my classes! this is not their true intentions. they’ve sold out before even getting anywhere! how lame. that means they know they suck and latch on to whatever they can. they’re those types of “musicians”. what happened to when music had meaning? I know for a fact that there are still bands out there who really care about what they’re playing. this isn’t one of them. sorry dungie and company, you fail.

  • http://don'thaveone Gerrald

    This band rules if you like band’s that suck

  • DanD

    Congrats FTF! Best of luck to you and Hopeless in the future.

    I read all these comments and couldn’t not post. It’s so easy for all of you to comment but I would be willing to bet that most, if not all of you, especially those who claim to know these guys are jealous. If you have so much time to sit here and criticize why don’t you do something and accomplish things such as these individuals? The musicians in this band may have had different tastes in high school, but who didn’t? I look back at the scene and my taste of music and I chuckle. People/bands mature and it shows through their music. Again, if you have so much to say, do something better – right? The music industry is a business, just like everything else out there. You would be amazed or perhaps saddened how many bands, that you probably love “aren’t true to who they were in high school,” or do what they do to simply make a living. Do you think Hopeless would sign such a band if they did not see something? Hopeless is not as successful as they are nor have they been around because of bad decisions. FTF keep your heads up, much success, show all these people who doubt you what you’re capable of and again congrats! Hopeless keep up the good work! Best of luck!

    As for all else there is a simple solution. If you don’t like it, don’t listen to it. There are plenty of other fake, non-creative bands/musicians, celebrities children out there to listen to. Go comment on their pages!

  • Aubrey

    lol at the haters…i am sooo happy for you guys! you deserve this so soo much and i could not be more proud. love you! keep on making amazing music!!

  • Nerd

    This band sucks. End of story. Their fans are all little girls that haven’t gotten their periods yet. Waste of a record contract.

  • Bernie

    Horrible. Just horrible.

  • Are You Kidding Me?

    this sucks.

  • is anyone listening?

    sad world these days from the sound of it

  • Fro

    This Shit just blows ass

  • NJMusicMan

    These guys are such fakes. especially nick dungo.

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