We’ve Partnered With P Is For Panda!

P is for Panda — By HopelessMelissa on July 28, 2008

Budding t-shirt company P Is For Panda ( is branching out into the world of music, not by sponsoring bands like many clothing lines, but by starting a record label. Through a partnership with Hopeless/Sub City Records, the Atlanta area-based organization is launching an imprint to serve a wide variety of indie rock artists. After leaving his previous label, The Militia Group (which he founded and operated for 12 years), P Is For Panda owner Chad Pearson ironically chose to cut music out of his life entirely. He entered into various career paths that had nothing to do with the industry (baking, construction work), but eventually found himself returning to music. “I started listening to old demos I had gotten and kept, and I started really enjoying myself,” said Pearson. “I had bands reaching out to me, asking me when I would start up again, asking for my advice, and after awhile it just made sense. My love was always there; I just needed to find what I loved about music again.” Since starting P Is For Panda in 2007, Pearson has found success selling t-shirts, thanks largely in part to support from the indie t-shirt blogging community. Word-of-mouth has proven to be the best form of advertising for Pearson so far, and it’s something he relies on in his business model. Because the company also donates a third of its profits to various charities, keeping costs down by forgoing advertising is important. “I want P Is For Panda to do more than just make a buck,” said Pearson. “I want to help others as best I can.” Now that P Is For Panda is entering into the realm of music, it’s only natural that Pearson partner with his old friend and fellow humanitarian Louis Posen, head of the thriving independent label Hopeless Records and its philanthropic arm Sub City. “Through all our years of friendship, Chad has always conducted himself in the spirit of making a positive impact with his endeavors, which is a mantra we strive to live up to here at Hopeless/Sub City,” said Posen. “We are deeply honored that Chadpicked us to work with him.” Pearson’s good intentions are readily apparent throughout the music community, which is something Jeremiah Edmond of the indie rock outfit Manchester Orchestra can attest to. “Chad is one of those few people who gets the music industry, but gets music and artists even more, and really believes in the music he stands behind,” said the drummer, who also runs Favorite Gentlemen Recordings. “He’s someone who truly wants to help the artists, and truly does.” The first release on P Is For Panda is a compilation featuring 16 songs from eight up-and-coming groups, including Gasoline Heart, Discover America, Damion Suomi, Mike Dunn & The Kings Of New England, and more. The album will retail for a mere $1.98 and be available digitally August 5th, with a physical street date of September 2nd. In continuing with the clothing side, P is for Panda has also unveiled a new summer line of t-shirt designs from artists Jesse LeDoux, M. Brady Clark, Brian Manley and Roy Fleeman.

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